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ModelBus 1.9.9 released

05.11.2014 Version 1.9.9 of ModelBus is released now and can be downloaded from the ModelBus web site. It contains some improvements and supports OSLC.

Release 1.9.9 has some additional features, performance improvements and bug fixes. Main changes are:

- Web proxy to browse Modelbus repository in a web browser added
- ModelBus OSLC extensions introduced:
  • ModelBus additionally exposes model elements in ModelBus repository as OSLC resources
  • Obtain relevant basic information about repository artifacts as defined in OSLC Core specification (
  • Obtain domain specific OSLC resources describing model elements that represent OSLC resources of a particular OSLC domain, e.g. requirements for Requirement Management domain (
  • Easily build OSLC service provider for tools with the help of the ModelBus OSLC toolkit
  • Extension for web interface to browse OSLC resources added
- Support for plugin of additional repositories to “extend” ModelBus repository
- Support for additional model serialization formats, e.g. JSON, RDF/XML, RDF/JSON
- ModelBus Git repository implementation extended
- Support for Eclipse Luna release
- Several bug fixes and performance improvements
- Minor changes to API/service description (WSDL)

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