ModelBus comes with a set of complementary tools and extensions - each of them addresses a particular development question.

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ModelBus® Tool Integration Framework

Tool interoperability is a key challenge in today’s system development. ModelBus allows you to connect tools and to synchronise developers across tool boundaries. It lets you automate your development processes.

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ModelICE Web Modeling Platform

Models are the center of the development in model-driven processes since they provide a comprehent view on a system. Therefore, models need to be accessible anytime and anywhere. Using ModelBus® core technology, ModelICE integrates tools and brings its models into the web offering full edit capabilities.
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Metrino Model Quality Tool

Analysing development artefacts such as design models is important for making right decision and for enabling quality control. Metrino offers variety of analysing methods and result presentation views.

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Traceino Traceability Tool

Having semantically rich end-to-end traceability is vital for tangible development processes. Traceino lets you define the trace links between your development artefacts.

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Requino Requirements Management Tool

Requino supports innovative and novel requirements management methods by allowing a structural description of the system instead of using only plain text. Requino has also a modern web-based UI and is using ModelBus® for collaboration and model management.
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Model-based testing in large scale projects requires flexible and adaptable test tool chains. Fokus!MBT uses the ModelBus for provides a customized MBT solution.

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Tool Adapters

ModelBus® tool adapters connect tools to ModelBus®. A set of pre-existing adapters is available and can be extended with new adapters for custom and commercial tools.

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ModelBus® services connect tools to each other. Services for a set of different tools is available and can be extended with new services for custom and commercial tools.

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About Us

The ModelBus Team at the System Quality Center at Fraunhofer FOKUS provides tools and services for improving system engineering processes. Being part of Fraunhofer - Europe’s largest application-oriented research organization - our work focusses on efficiency in system development.


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