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The full power of the ModelBus® platform can be used by connecting tools to it. Besides a set of tool adapters, ModelBus® offers a couple of services providing the transformation functionalities used in the adapters to be integrated in a custom setup.

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With ModelBus®, Fraunhofer FOKUS offers a model-driven tool integration framework which supports the integration of heterogeneous development and engineering tools as well as the automation of error-prone and tedious tasks. The engineer’s activities automatically trigger subsequent actions, like model transformation, code generation and quality checks so the exchange of data in distributed teams with their respective tools is ensured. That way, ModelBus® can substantially increase the productivity of creating complex software-based systems.

Each tool is connected to ModelBus® via a specific ModelBus® Adapter and can optionally act as a service by providing its functionality to other tools. A selected subset of these services, like the EA-Papyrus service bidirectionally transforming UML models between Sparx Enterprise Architect and Eclipse Papyrus, is introduced here.

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The ModelBus Team at the System Quality Center at Fraunhofer FOKUS provides tools and services for improving system engineering processes. Being part of Fraunhofer - Europe’s largest application-oriented research organization - our work focusses on efficiency in system development.


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