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Our Team

ModelBus® was invented and driven to its current state by a team of computer scientists and software developers doing application-oriented research. The ModelBus® team aims at finding innovative and efficient ways to improve system development. The team ultimately supports the realization of these approaches providing a set of software components that build the ModelBus® framework. We invent ideas and we realize them with passion and precision.
Dr. Tom Ritter
Role: Coordination
Tom is head of the System Quality Center at Fraunhofer FOKUS and the ModelBus® team. He coordinates the work on ModelBus® and is working with customers on designing and realizing ModelBus®-based development environments.
Grit Dudeck
Role: Software Development
Grit is involved in the development of the model-based requirements management tool Requino, which is an application running on top of ModelBus®. In addition, she contributes to the development of ModelBus® core and ModelBus® services.
Marcus Engelhardt
Role: Software Development
Marcus has designed and implemented Traceino, the ModelBus® Traceability Framework. He is constantly adding new features to ModelBus®. Currently he manages the OSLC extensions.
Christian Hein
Role: Coordination, Model Analysis
Christian is coordinating the implementation work of Metrino, the metric computation tool for ModelBus®. The tool can be used to analyze single models but also the whole development process and its artefacts. Christian also designs integration workflows containing multiple tools and services.
Michael Wagner
Role: Coordination, Software Development
Michael drives the architecture and user experience scenarios of ModelBus®. He evaluates new technical approaches and analyzes optimization questions in the area of tool integration and user experience. In collaboration with our customers, he creates optimized development environments and contributes to the Requino-Architecture.
Arun Prakash
Role: Software Development
Arun is responsible for tool adapter implementation for connecting custom and commercial tools to ModelBus®. This also includes the design of the adapter and the way to extract the essential data for using it in ModelBus® based development environments. Arun also contributes to the design and implementation of ModelBus® services.
Max Bureck
Role: Software Development
Max contributes to the development of ModelBus® based development environments. His main focus area is the design of meta models and UML profiles, which is important for realizing the flow of information within the ModelBus®. Max is also involved in co-simulation and Modelisar related integration approaches.
Wojciech Konitzer
Role: Software Development
Wojciech contributes to the implementation of Requino, in particular the UI components for property analysis. In addition, he supports the ModelBus® service implementation.
Niko Tcholtchev
Role: Software Development, Quality Assurance
Niko has a strong focus on interoperability aspects including network and data connectivity. He coordinates quality assurance activities and takes care of ModelBus® based development environments. In addition he drives meta data and open data management activities.

About Us

The ModelBus Team at the System Quality Center at Fraunhofer FOKUS provides tools and services for improving system engineering processes. Being part of Fraunhofer - Europe’s largest application-oriented research organization - our work focusses on efficiency in system development.


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Fraunhofer FOKUS
Kaiserin-Augusta-Allee 31, 10589 Berlin


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