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ModelBus Release 1.9.5 completed

07.10.2010 ModelBus Version 1.9.5 of ModelBus is now available in the download area.

ModelBus Version 1.9.5 of ModelBus is now available in the download area. This version mdae some minor updates of Release Candidate 2 and contains in particular the following changes compared to 1.9.4:

  • Support of Eclipse Helios and Galileo
  • ModelBus Status Monitor
  • Support of multiple Platforms (32/64 bit as well as Linux and Mac in Beta Version)
  • Change to SVN-Kit Version 1.3.4
  • Beta Version of incremental and interactive working mode
  • Apache CXF replaces Apache Axis2 for webservice transport
  • Connecting adapters to ModelBus using DOSGi  (implements ModelBus Interaction Pattern
  • Deployment in headless Eclipse Galieo 3.5.2 instead of Tomcat Application Server
  • Fragment Support
    • split models into fragments
    • „Repository View“, Button „control element“
    • checkout fragments to modify, check in fragments and „uncontrol element“
  • Dependencies Support
    • automatic check in of referenced models and metamodels
    • displaying referencing elements for models and model elements within the Repository View and editor
  • Repository View
    • navigating through models within the Repository View
    • improved transfer of commit messages (messages are transferred for deletion)

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