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Besides the extended use of textual and graphical domain specific languages the Unified Modeling Language (UML) and its profiles play an important role throughout the complete development lifecycle. This effect is supported by the availability of affordable, customizable and high quality UML tools. The Sparx Enterprise Architect is a well-known UML tool used in various domains. The ModelBus® Adapter for Sparx Enterprise Architect connects this tool to other UML tools or to a complete ModelBus® based engineering processes and is capable of importing and exporting UML models. This way the tool can be used to edit UML models in Enterprise Architect which might be created by other UML tools or which are the result of a model transformation.

The adapter supports the simultaneous work on UML models by providing specific dialogs for identifying changes and potential conflicts. Thus developers can keep track of the changes applied to the model, either by team members or by themselves. Additionally the adapter supports all UML diagrams offered by Sparx Enterprise Architect and exports them to or imports them from the Eclipse MDT Papyrus format, so graphical information captured in the diagrams will be preserved.

Using the ModelBus® Adapter for Sparx Enterprise Architect offers a new way of interoperability between tools. It is now possible to seamlessly exchange UML models with other tools. There is no need to bridge between Sparx Enterprise Architect and the various existing XMI dialects or tool proprietary formats supported by other tools anymore. At the same time it offers great opportunities for automation of development processes benefiting from the ModelBus® tool integration framework. Thus an automatic processing like code generation or model transformation can be performed additionally. A complete tool environment, chaining various different tools together, can be created with the help of the other available ModelBus® tool adapters and by creating new ones, e.g. for in-house tools. The ModelBus® Adapter for Sparx Enterprise Architect offers great user experience as it performs very fast imports and exports of models and comes with custommade user interface extensions for iterating on changes in the model and for presenting ModelBus® notifications.


ModelBus® Adapter for Sparx EA

ModelBus® Explorer integrated in Sparx Enterprise Architect

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