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Systems engineering involves typically a high number of specialized tools ranging from quality control to safety design. Furthermore, participating engineers are located in different organizational units or companies. To overcome these interoperability issues, languages like UML and SysML were built. However, in reality exchanging models with team members often is a major problem. The ModelBus® Adapter for IBM Rational Rhapsody overcomes this challenge as it allows you to share UML and SysML models -based on the ModelBus® infrastructure - with other team members who might be working with other tools. The adapter is capable of exchanging models.

The ModelBus® Adapter for IBM Rational Rhapsody integrates the system engineer’s work, experience, and knowledge into a model-driven development environment. The adapter helps you to benefit from functionalities offered by Rhapsody at various locations in the development process even if a different tool regime is already in place. Seamless exchange of Rhapsody models with other tools used for different jobs increases the productivity of the development teams. In this way IBM Rational Rhapsody can easily complement other UML/SysML tools including open source tools. This ModelBus® Adapter is perfectly integrated into the tools‘ user interfaces and provides a fast import and export of models including diagram information.

While using the ModelBus® infrastructure the engineers can benefit from the rich set of functionality offered by the ModelBus®, including traceability, consistency checks, model trans-formation or document generation. The other way round the ModelBus® adapter for IBM Rational Rhapsody enables you to seamlessly add the specific features provided by Rhapsody (e.g. simulation of UML models, generation of code) in any existing development process.


ModelBus® Adapter for Rhapsody

Modelbus® Explorer integrated in IBM Rational Rhapsody

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