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MATLAB Simulink is a widely used tool for modeling, simulating and verifying multi-domain dynamic systems. It provides a platform for graphical modeling from a customizable set of block libraries, and provides mechanisms for model simulation and analysis. The ModelBus® Adapter for Simulink enables MATLAB Simulink to connect with other tools by allowing seamless exchange of its native models as EMF models. Thus, through the adapter models developed in Simulink can be exchanged, transformed and visualized in other modeling tools and vice-versa. Furthermore, the adapter equips a modeler to synchronize, compare and merge local MATLAB Simulink models with models remotely created and/or modified. Additionally, the adapter furnishes Simulink to participate in the ModelBus® based systems engineering process and provides access to ModelBus® services such as traceability, model-to-model transformations and process orchestration.

The ModelBus® Adapter for Simulink offers a new way for interoperability among tools. It is now possible to seamlessly exchange native MATLAB Simulink models with other tools without the need for a specialized bridge between Simulink and the proprietary model formats of the various tools. The adapter also offers the possibility for the automation of the development process by providing access to code generation, model transformation and the process orchestration services and capabilities of the ModelBus® tool integration framework. A complete tool environment by chaining various different tools can be created with the help of the other available ModelBus® tool adapters.

The ModelBus® Adapter for Simulink performs imports and exports of models quickly and comes with a user interface that allows the modeler to synchronize, compare and merge local and remote models. These, along with the notification mechanism of the ModelBus® framework, allows for a collaborative and interactive model development experience.

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